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EMG will lead the film and television industry into a new era, a digital future subverted by creativity and technology

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Bringing together technological innovation and cultural heritage to give film and television unlimited possibilities

EMG is committed to breaking the shackles of the traditional film and television industry and creating a fair, transparent and sustainable ecosystem for creators, audiences and investors through blockchain technology

EMG hopes to give creators more freedom and rights through its own platform, so that they can realize their creative dreams and receive fair returns

A fair and transparent film and television industry ecosystem in which every participant can obtain due rights and benefits. Through blockchain technology, copyright protection and transaction transparency are ensured, allowing creators to fully benefit from their works.

EMG makes creation, viewing and sharing more fair and transparent



Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about EMG Protocol and its products
Can you introduce EMG company?
EMG is a blockchain-driven digital platform. The platform uses blockchain as the driving force, breaking the limitations of traditional centralized platforms and giving creators and audiences more autonomy and participation. Each film and television work is given a unique digital identity, which protects the copyright of the creator through immutable blockchain records and ensures that every transaction is traceable.

EMG utilizes the characteristics of blockchain technology, such as decentralization, transparency, non-tamperability and smart contracts, to bring a more fair, efficient and credible environment to the film and television industry and promote the protection of creators' rights and interests, content creation and distribution innovation, and the development of community engagement and governance. The platform's technical architecture is exquisitely designed, and the decentralized nature of the blockchain ensures data security and transparency, making the transmission and sharing of film and television works more reliable. Audiences can also become the true owners of the work by purchasing unique digital assets (NFT) and enjoy unprecedented participation and benefits.
Is it legal and compliant?
In the field of film, intellectual property rights are regarded as a vital matter. We attach great importance to complying with relevant laws and regulations for all movies screened on our platform, and we have also established an internal review process to ensure the legality and compliance of all movies.
How to make money through the EMG platform?
The EMG platform provides convenience for all aspects of the film industry. From the initial preparation of film production to the final post-publicity, all processes can be resourced and completed through this platform. Whether as a team or as an individual, EMG provides them with a wide range of opportunities to realize the possibility of profit through their resources and efforts.

The EMG platform supports all users to mint their own NFTs. As long as you have ideas and talents, you will definitely get benefits and rewards. If you are active in the community or contribute within the platform, you can also receive rewards from the platform.
Can you explain the income method?
On the EMG platform, the CPS (commission based on sales quantity) model of movie tickets is adopted to achieve greater profits. This model uses accurate traffic data conversion to calculate commissions based on actual sales results, allowing users to make full use of information gaps to obtain higher profits. At the same time, on the EMG platform, all information is highly transparent and open, allowing users to easily enjoy the convenience of earning income without worrying about information asymmetry.
Why are there so many movie tickets?
We know that the film industry is a huge ecological system. Every link is closely related, and there is huge profit in every link. Moreover, the most fundamental requirement of a movie is to "sell well." In today's society, to sell well, Big data is needed. Our R&D team has mastered the traffic code through big data analysis, so that it can amplify the traffic code of the film and television industry and convert it into dividends.