Open Sharing, Collaboration

EMG has more ideas to closely connect people and organizations inside and outside the platform. EMG will build a blockchain ecological alliance, which is a cooperation network composed of different blockchain projects, enterprises, developers and users. It is an open ecosystem that realizes technological advancement by sharing resources, knowledge and collaboration. Complementarity and resource sharing promote EMG technology innovation and application scenario expansion.

Why work with us?

Expanding Partnerships

EMG plans to establish close partnerships with key industry participants such as film and television production companies, distributors, and theaters. Through strategic cooperation with EMG, we can obtain more film and television project resources, promotion channels and market support. Partners can also benefit from the technical support and innovative solutions provided by EMG, and jointly promote the success and influence of film and television projects.

Providing value-added services

EMG plans to provide partners with customized value-added services to meet their specific needs. Services can include data analysis and market research to help partners better understand user needs and market trends, and optimize project decisions and promotion strategies. In addition, EMG can also provide technical support and training to help partners master more knowledge and application capabilities in technical fields such as blockchain and NFT.

open cooperation model

EMG encourages an open cooperation model to cooperate with projects and platforms in other related industries to jointly promote the development of the entire film and television ecosystem. This kind of cooperation can involve technology integration, data sharing, cross-platform promotion, etc., to promote collaboration and mutual benefit between industries.