Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about EMG Protocol and its products.
Can you introduce EMG company?
A: EMG is a blockchain-driven digital platform. The platform uses blockchain as the driving force, breaking the limitations of traditional centralized platforms and giving creators and audiences more autonomy and participation. Each film and television work is given a unique digital identity, which protects the copyright of the creator through immutable blockchain records and ensures that every transaction is traceable.
EMG utilizes the characteristics of blockchain technology, such as decentralization, transparency, non-tamperability and smart contracts, to bring a more fair, efficient and credible environment to the film and television industry and promote the protection of creators' rights and interests, content creation and distribution innovation, and the development of community engagement and governance. The platform's technical architecture is exquisitely designed, and the decentralized nature of the blockchain ensures data security and transparency, making the transmission and sharing of film and television works more reliable. Audiences can also become the true owners of the work by purchasing unique digital assets (NFT) and enjoy unprecedented participation and benefits.
Is it legal and compliant?
A: In the field of film, intellectual property rights are regarded as a vital matter. We attach great importance to complying with relevant laws and regulations for all movies screened on our platform, and we have also established an internal review process to ensure the legality and compliance of all movies.
How to make money through the EMG platform?
A: The EMG platform provides convenience for all aspects of the film industry. From the initial preparation of film production to the final post-publicity, all processes can be resourced and completed through this platform. Whether as a team or as an individual, EMG provides them with a wide range of opportunities to realize the possibility of profit through their resources and efforts.
The EMG platform supports all users to mint their own NFTs. As long as you have ideas and talents, you will definitely get benefits and rewards. If you are active in the community or contribute within the platform, you can also receive rewards from the platform.
Can you explain the income method?
A: On the EMG platform, the CPS (commission based on sales quantity) model of movie tickets is adopted to achieve greater profits. This model uses accurate traffic data conversion to calculate commissions based on actual sales results, allowing users to make full use of information gaps to obtain higher profits. At the same time, on the EMG platform, all information is highly transparent and open, allowing users to easily enjoy the convenience of earning income without worrying about information asymmetry.
Why are there so many movie tickets?
A: We know that the film industry is a huge ecological system. Every link is closely related, and there is huge profit in every link. Moreover, the most fundamental requirement of a movie is to "sell well." In today's society, to sell well, Big data is needed. Our R&D team has mastered the traffic code through big data analysis, so that it can amplify the traffic code of the film and television industry and convert it into dividends.
Can the movie tickets I invested be cashed out at any time?
A: Yes, you are free to choose the movie box office suitable for your own investment on our platform according to your own needs.
Where does the money earned by members come from?
A: In the film industry, various sectors such as distributors, investors, channels, media advertising, offline theaters, and online self-media are investing heavily in advertising expenses. These fees are returned to consumers in the form of special tickets, welfare cards, points discounts and other forms. Our task is to comprehensively collect this information and recalculate it through big data analysis to deliver returns to the members of our platform in the optimal way. Our goal is to provide members with complete information so that they can easily enjoy the most advantageous preferential treatment. In this way, we are committed to creating more value and convenience for our members.
How much money does the platform make?
A: There are many ways for EMG to make money, such as advertising, film sponsorship and cooperation, copyright licensing, film distribution, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, data sales and analysis, etc. Various business models can bring benefits to the platform.
How long has the company been established?
A: EMG is a new start-up company. Its R&D team was established in 2018. The group company behind it has decades of operational experience. After years of market research, it has proposed effective solutions and transformation plans.
It will be implemented in 2022 with the city of "London" as the starting point for operations.
I want to make more money, is there any way?
A: Our company provides independent business planning designed to help you start a successful business. Our entrepreneurial trainers will guide you on how to run your personal business through our platform to achieve the goals you have in mind. In addition, we also invite you to visit our global operations headquarters for an in-depth inspection to more fully understand the details of our company's strategic development and cooperation plans. We believe this will provide you with deeper insights and opportunities.
Does the platform have any plans to release its own movies next?
A: Of course EMG has this plan. But this is not a simple slogan, but requires us to carefully polish our works, research and explore the market, etc. More internal links, data integration and careful planning are needed to achieve the best results. Therefore, we have clearly planned this link in our stage goals. We very much look forward to witnessing this important moment with you and working together to achieve this goal.
I got to know your platform through the Internet. Is it reliable?
A: The Internet is the first way for many people to obtain information or verify information. It is also a necessary channel for platform organizations or product display. If you did not know about our platform through the Internet, I would be a little surprised. The characteristics of the EMG platform mean that it must rely on the Internet to develop and grow. Many large companies that later became famous in the world also sprouted from the Internet. In addition to building and displaying platforms on the Internet, we have also set up physical branches in many countries and regions to directly provide local users with intuitive services. If you have any concerns, you can contact us directly through the platform for offline inspections. We will arrange professionals to serve you.
I want to invest more, is there any guarantee or contract?
A: First of all, thank you very much for your support of our business concept. Your investment will not only bring more benefits to our joint cooperation, but will also increase profits for your personal career. Once our cooperation reaches a certain level, we provide corporate agency solutions to sign electronic contracts. This will increase the security and rights of our cooperation. This professional approach to contracting will ensure our partnership is more stable and reliable.
What is the difference between you and other Internet investment platforms?
A: Among Internet investment platforms, most only focus on transaction data in the financial field. Although they can help people gain more wealth, they cannot solve the fundamental problem. EMG's vision is to become the world's leading blockchain-driven film and television platform and promote the innovation and development of the film and television industry. EMG wants to create a fair, transparent and sustainable ecosystem for creators, viewers and investors through blockchain technology.
EMG dreams of a world, a film and television world full of creativity and diversity. EMG hopes to give creators more freedom and rights through its platform, so that they can realize their creative dreams and receive fair returns. At the same time, we hope to provide audiences with a rich and diverse content selection and allow them to participate in the creation and sharing of film and television works to gain a deeper viewing experience.
EMG pursues a fair and transparent film and television industry ecosystem, in which every participant can obtain due rights and benefits. Through blockchain technology, copyright protection and transaction transparency are ensured, allowing creators to fully benefit from their works. At the same time, EMG encourages community participation and co-construction to inject more creativity and vitality into film and television creation.
EMG believes that through the construction and promotion of the platform, comprehensive changes in the film and television industry can be achieved and a more open, fair and innovative film and television world can be created. We will continue to work hard to promote technological innovation and the establishment of partnerships, contribute to the development of the film and television industry, and promote the entire industry towards a better future.
I want to come to your company for inspection and study. Is it convenient?
A: Of course, you can reserve your information directly on the platform or official website, and we will arrange professionals to connect with you directly to help you understand.
Many people are not optimistic about the film industry now, so why do you still need to increase investment?
A: What is always lacking is vision, planning and strength, not opportunities. People who are truly capable are not afraid of the so-called big environment. What we pursue is to develop the platform and promote the prosperity of the film and television industry, but at the same time provide all entrepreneurs with and fair treatment of practitioners. Changing the limitations of the traditional model will allow the film and television industry to have more possibilities and incubate more amazing works.
How to recharge EMG?
A: Members can use legal currency. In addition, the company also provides recharge methods using digital assets USDT-TRC20 and ERC20 based on the protection of member assets.
What is the difference between EMG and other online investment projects?
A: EMG is not anonymous. The company's registration information and operating address are publicly displayed. We welcome all users with doubts to come directly to the site for inspection. We are well aware of the important concerns of users about reliability, so we actively provide transparent cooperation methods. , to build trust and provide you with reliable information.
Is EMG stable?
A: The addresses of EMG headquarters and branches are publicly displayed on the Internet, and users can be received at any time for on-site inspection and verification. Company registration information and team information are also publicly displayed on the Internet, and we regularly publish platform updates on mainstream social media platforms. It also interacts with media information and users. All users can directly follow the frequently updated platform dynamics.
How to open an EMG account?
A: Use phone number and email address to register and verify to create an account
Will there be a burn system for accounts?
A: EMG's model is calculated based on a brand-new calculation system. There is no restriction on small recommendations and large recommendations (even those with a higher recommendation level than yourself can obtain benefits). On the contrary, the benefits will be more considerable. The revenue mechanism is all based on intelligent Contract-based records are recorded on the blockchain.
What is the core philosophy of EMG?
A: The EMG platform is a major revolution in the film and television industry. The platform provides a broader stage for creators and a richer movie-watching experience for audiences. EMG will lead the film and television industry into a new era, a digital future subverted by creativity and technology.
The EMG platform is driven by blockchain, breaking the limitations of traditional centralized platforms and giving creators and audiences more autonomy and participation. Each film and television work is given a unique digital identity, which protects the copyright of the creator through immutable blockchain records and ensures that every transaction is traceable.
What was the difference between the film and television industry and EMG in the past?
A: The film and television content manufacturing industry, represented by theatrical movies, has been severely impacted by the storm caused by the classical Internet. The traditional property rights flow model of film and television content, as well as the centralized power behind it, are facing the rapid explosion of emerging content creation and consumption in the digital era. Demand is losing its vitality. The original sin of centralization in the old model has become an obstacle that cannot be ignored in front of the new generation of community UGC groups and content consumers.
The film industry involves multiple links and participants, including producers, actors, editors, etc. Traditional cooperation and payment processes are cumbersome and opaque, causing participants to face issues such as payment delays and disputes.
Through blockchain technology, EMG has established an tamper-proof copyright registration and transaction system to ensure that creators' works are effectively protected and provide them with legal proof of rights and interests. Comprehensively guarantee the transparency and security of users when using services and conducting transactions on the platform, while also comprehensively protecting users’ property security and privacy.
What is a verticalization hub?
A: EMG is a vertical hub specifically for the film industry. It brings together various participants such as film production companies, distribution companies, theaters, film talents, and movie fans. This platform can provide functions such as resource collaboration for film production, distribution and promotion services, channels for cinema screenings, and audience interaction and feedback, achieving vertical integration and coordinated development of all aspects of the film industry.
As a blockchain-driven film and television platform tailored for the film and television industry, EMG can truly allow filmmakers to sell their films in their own way, earn due income, and allow audiences who truly understand and love their films to Support them most directly.
How to break the limitations of traditional film and television industry circulation in the past?
A: To break the circulation limitations of the traditional film and television industry, we do not mean to do the same thing as the industry leader and replace him with a bigger and stronger one, but to find a new path and directly subvert him. EMG uses blockchain technology to build a large, comprehensive, fair and integrated platform that integrates a large number of resources, and is committed to creating the transparent, efficient and fair remuneration environment that the film and television industry urgently needs. This is good news for the film and television industry, especially for small film companies and independent film producers, who will upload their original content on film and television platforms and receive due rewards.
What does EMG want to do?
A: EMG is committed to building a decentralized independent film platform driven by blockchain technology to provide a bridge for communication and cooperation in the global film market. EMG has built a new ecosystem based on blockchain technology, aiming to promote changes in the film industry. Our goal is to enable every film dream to transcend reality and resource constraints and realize their value and influence. Through our platform, movies will become more fair, transparent and efficient from creation to release. We encourage participants in the global film industry to work together, share resources, and promote innovation and progress in the film industry. We believe that through such efforts, the film industry will usher in a more brilliant future.
How to break the traditional film and television industry framework?
A: After many calculations and planning, EMG has modularized the film market, analyzed every step from film production to presentation and promotion in detail, and decomposed it into independent ecosystems. We work to develop solutions that address the specific needs and challenges in each ecosystem. This meticulous unbundling and planning allows us to better understand and meet the needs of all aspects of the film industry. We conduct in-depth research and provide solutions designed to optimize efficiency and results in film production, promotion and presentation. In this way, we provide personalized support to all aspects of the film industry, creating more opportunities and growth potential for the industry.
What support does the EMG platform have?
A: The platform supports 79 countries, 66 languages, 500+ subtitles, and 400+ long/short series.
What can creators do at EMG?
A: Creators can upload their works or content on the EMG platform, or they can convert their works or assets into NFT for circulation and exchange.
What does the creator get?
A: The EMG platform has a variety of support methods to allow creators to gain more opportunities and rewards. For example, online film festivals can gain exposure and feedback, and marketing can help works gain greater influence, or provide production, promotion, and distribution support for good works.
EMG’s ecological chain
A: EMG not only has many ideas and plans for the built-in ecology of the platform, but also can develop a variety of business models. It can also reach ecological alliances with various strategic partners to obtain more film and television project resources, promotion channels and market support. Partners can also benefit from the technical support and innovative solutions provided by EMG, and jointly promote the success and influence of film and television projects. Even users can participate in it and get rewards by engaging in the parts they are competent at.
How does EMG protect creators’ income?
A: In EMG, creators’ works belong to themselves and do not need to be divided by multiple parties like traditional channels, resulting in very little profit in the end. The technical support of the platform allows the share of the work and the income to be equitably transferred directly to the hands of each partner. Everything is transparent and efficient, and there are no risks of ambiguity of interests and delayed payment.
What can creators do at EMG?
A: Creators can publish their own works, participate in the production of other people's movies, create their own NFTs, and be active in the community to share movies with like-minded people to promote community building, etc. EMG provides a free and relaxed environment for creators to develop their talents and practice their ideas.
What is the marketing strategy?
A: There are many ways for EMG to gain exposure and attention. EMG will maintain active social media accounts to attract users' attention and promote interactive discussions. We will also regularly publish high-quality content to build a professional image. EMG holds various online and offline community activities to directly contact users to understand their latest needs and showcase platform plans. Users can also share content within the platform to other social platforms in a very convenient way.
What are the benefits of EMG to authors?
A: The author can get support from the platform in terms of publicity and resources, and can also get many opportunities to communicate directly with industry elites and investors, so that the work can eventually become a film and television.
What are the benefits of EMG for investors?
A: For investors, the most valuable and potential works are concentrated here, and they can see the most authentic feedback from the audience. They can also use the platform’s data analysis services for investment reference, etc. You can also make profits by trading movie resources and products directly on the platform.
What are the benefits of EMG for actors?
A: You can get wider opportunities, be exposed to more types of scripts and roles, get fairer and more transparent opportunities, get good revenue sharing, etc.
What are the benefits of EMG for producers?
A: It can obtain more resources and cooperation opportunities, provide new financing channels, remove intermediate links, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Benefit from smart contracts and blockchain technology, which can provide a transparent and fair distribution mechanism, and can also be more convenient. Expand the global market, etc.
What are the benefits of EMG for partners?
A: To get more opportunities for resource sharing and cooperation, expand your global influence, and create more freely, EMG will also provide partners with community and communication opportunities, where you can interact and share experiences with everyone. , opinions and suggestions. Build closer industry networks and connections.
What are the benefits of EMG for cinemas?
A: It brings new business models and revenue sources to theaters, increasing audience traffic and box office revenue. Provides a diverse range of content from different countries on different topics. Platforms may also collect and analyze data on audience preferences and behavior. You can also gain opportunities with other industry partners, such as producers, distributors, marketing agencies, etc., to bring more resources, publicity channels and market cooperation opportunities, and expand the theater's influence and business scope.
What are the benefits of EMG to filmmakers?
A: You can get more opportunities, get fair remuneration, gain global exposure, expand your global influence, increase your visibility, etc.
What are the benefits of EMG to the audience?
A: Audiences can get diversified content choices, opportunities to watch global films, engage in more direct participation and interaction, and receive fair viewing rights protection. They can participate in film review activities in the EMG community and communicate with other film lovers. Opinions and shared experiences. You can also participate in the platform's box office investment to obtain rebates, perform secondary creations to obtain income, etc.
What are the benefits of EMG to advertisers?
A: You can accurately locate target audiences, measure the feasibility of advertising effects, conduct more efficient advertising and cost control, and try innovative advertising forms and interactive experiences.
How do I top up using U?
A: You can transfer it from the exchange or your personal wallet through the TRC-20 channel. Click Recharge in the APP and follow the steps. Please refer to the operation manual for details.
I am a director, I have a complete plan, but no investors. Can EMG invest in my movie?
A: Of course you can, but you need to do an investment evaluation before confirming investment. You may need to consider the quality of your script and story, and evaluate your past works, style and creative ability. After passing the evaluation, you can make a decision on the production team, funding, marketing and Give strong support in publishing.
EMG brings more opportunities and rights protection to all participants in the film industry by providing a transparent, fair, secure and decentralized environment. It promotes the innovation and development of the film industry, promotes global cooperation and market expansion, allows more people to participate in and enjoy the process of film creation and viewing, and achieves broader social impact and cultural value.
How are you managing identity data and 3rd partners?
Our protocol infrastructure follows a self-sovereign identity framework, which gives users complete control over their data at every stage of the process. The IdentityHub is unable to access or analyze user data unless they give us permission through a cryptographic signature. This means that all data management and sharing is initiated and authorized by the user.

While we encourage our third-party partners to offer clear benefits and incentives in exchange for data insights from their users, Litentry is an identity middle layer that allows users to reclaim control over their data sovereignty and use, leverage, or benefit from it as they see fit. If users wish to do so, Litentry will provide opportunities for them to benefit from their data under their own authorization.